2021-2022 Fellows

Angela Angela Larson

I am from Alamo, California and I have strong interests in all kinds of climate science research, specifically how climate change is affecting our physical and chemical earth system processes. I am also a member of the UCSB women’s acapella group Vocal Motion and the UCSB Women’s Rugby team.

Photo of Hayden Vega Hayden Vega

I am a freshman undergrad environmental studies student and FUERTE Fellow from Los Alamitos, California. I love camping, surfing, and hiking, so I’m very interested in pursuing conservation science and learning about anthropogenic stressors on ecosystems.

Irina-Roybal Irina Roybal

I'm from Sequim, Washington. I'm interested in general conservation but I'm excited to narrow my studies by discovering what I'm particularly passionate about through FUERTE. I'm the recruiter for the UCSB cheer team and in my free time I love to mountain bike, hike, and hang out with friends.

Jenna Jenna Huynh

I am an Earth Science student from Oxnard, California. My current academic interests are centralized around aquatic conservation and water resources. I'm passionate about environmental conservation and preservation.

Julie-Iverson Julie Iverson

I'm from Tokyo Japan and I'm excited to both expand my knowledge on the implications of climate change as well as take action by putting that knowledge to use. In my free time I like to work out, play piano, and make memories with friends.

Kat-Brydson Katharine Brydson

Hi, I’m Kat Brydson (they/she). I originally grew up in Connecticut and fell in love with marine ecosystems and conservation from exploring the Long Island Sound.

Lena-Hicks Lena Hicks

I am from the Bay Area, California, with my family native to the coastal miwok tribe. I study environmental science, with a specific interest in carbon removal methods. I have been dancing since I was two years old, and I also love all things outdoors!

Rosie-Manner Rosie Manner

I am a first year Zoology major at the University of California, Santa Barbara! I come from a first-generation, low-income background with interests of protecting animal life, studying the behavior/structure of wildlife, and conducting field research regarding animal conservation.

Sophia Sophia Delap

I major in environmental studies because I have an enormous passion for ocean conservation and environmentalism. My goal for the future is tentative, spanning anywhere from ocean conservation research to filming documentaries for National Geographic!